EQ - Moving-iron Panel Instruments

Austausch der Skala - Dial Exchange


  • For measurement of AC currents and voltages
  • Good read-out survey on larger distance
  • Exchangeable dial
  • Resistance to mechanical vibrations
  • Protective cover for terminals (optional)


Moving-iron instruments are intended for installation in supervision panels of power distribution stations and transformer stations or wherever a.c. voltages and currents are to be measured in heavy-current installation. The incorporated moving-iron mechanism measures r.m.s. values of a.c. currents in frequency range 15 to 100 Hz, independent of curve shape, on requests and voltages.


The mechanism is a sprung pivot bearing type with silicon oil damping. Non-linear graduations at the beginning of the scale allows reading from approximately 15 % of measuring range onwards. Ammeters also have indicator range for double value of rated current (overcurrent scale) whereby the overload range is non-lineary graduated. Both versions are available. For milliammeters the measuring and indicator ranges coincide. The special case design allows quick dial exchange for either new or old model. This is especially suitable for instruments which are connected to current or voltage transformers (xA/1A, xA/5A, xV/100V, xV/110 V).

Measuring Ranges


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