BA-(R) - Blind Cover

Blindabdeckungen.jpgBlindabdeckungen (links: BA-R mit Rahmen, rechts: BA ohne Rahmen)


Blank covers are used to close off panel cut-outs. In addition to the flat standard version BA, a raised version with frame (BAR) is available.

Technical Data

Blind Cover Blind Cover with Frame
BA 48 BA-R  48
  BA-R  48x24
BA 72 BA-R  72
  BA-R  72x36
BA 96 BA-R  96
BA 96x24 BA-R  96x24
  BA-R  96x48
  BA-R 144
  BA-R 144x72
  BA-R 144x96

all dimensions in mm


de-Liste-Ergaenzungskomponenten.pdf (Seite 53)


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