MT440 - Multifunction Measuring Transducer



MT440 Programmable AC Multifunctional Transducer


  • Measurements of instantaneous values of more than 50 quantities (V, A, kW, kVA, kvar, kWh, kvarh, PF, Hz, MD thermal, THD, etc)
  • Power accuracy class 0.5
  • 16 adjustable alarms
  • Input frequency: 50/60 Hz, 400 Hz
  • Serial communication (RS232 or RS485 up to 115,200 bit/s) and USB 2.0
  • MODBUS RTU communication protocol
  • Up to 4 I/O (analogue outputs, alarm outputs, pulse outputs, general purpose relay output, general purpose solid-state output)
  • Single wide auxiliary power supply range 24 – 300 Vdc, 40 – 276 Vac or fixed AC: 110V, 230V, 400V
  • Automatic range of current and voltage (max.12.5 A and 600 VL-N)
  • Housing for DIN rail mounting
  • User-friendly setting software, MiQen


MT440 are intended for measuring and monitoring singlephase or three-phase electrical power network. They measure RMS value by means of fast sampling of voltage and current signals, which makes instruments suitable for acquisition of transient events. A built-in microcontroller calculates measurands (voltage, current, frequency, energy, power, power factor, THD phase angles, etc.) from the measured signals.


The MT440 multifunction transducer is used for measuring and monitoring of all single-phase or three-phase values. Wide range of various I/O modules makes MT440 a perfect choice for numerous applications. MT440 is delivered unconfigured for customer configuration with user friendly setting software MiQen. MT440 supports standard serial communication RS232 or RS485 with speed up to 115200 baud, which is perfect for simple applications and serial bus interfacing. Additional USB 2.0 interface can only be used for a fast setup without need for auxiliary power supply. This interface is provided with only BASIC insulation and can be used ONLY unconnected to power inputs.

Techincal Data

Input   Output
Nominal frequency (fN) 50/60, 400 Hz
Current measurement  
Nominal values 1, 5, 10 A
Nominal current (IN) 5 A
Max. measured value 12.5 A sinusoidal
Max. allowed value (thermal) (acc. to EN 60 688) 15 A cont.
  20 × IN ; 5 × 1s
Consumption < I2 × 0.01Ω per phase

Voltage measurement

Nominal values 62.5, 125, 250, 500 VLN
Nominal voltage(UN) 500 VLN
Max. measured value (cont.) 600 VLN ; 1000 VLL
Max. allowed value 2 × UN; 10 s
(acc. to EN 60 688)  
Input impedance < U2 / 3.3MΩ per phase
  3.3MΩ per phase

Frequency measurement:




Analogue output is fully programmable and can be set to any of 6 hardware ranges, 4 current and 2 voltage, without opening an instrument. They all use the same output terminals.


Programmable DC current output:

Output range 0 … 100%

0 … 1 mA,
0 … 5 mA,
0 … 10 mA,
0 … 20 mA

other ranges possible


Range 1
Range 2
Range 3
Range 4

by MiQen software

Burden voltage:  10 V
External resistance: RB max =10 V / IoutN


Programmable DC voltage output:

Outputrange 0 … 100%

0 … 1 V
0 … 10 V

other ranges possible


Range 5
Range 6

by MiQen software

max. burden current:  20 mA
min. external resistance: RB min =Uout / 10mA


 Frequency measurement:

Frequency measuring range 16 … 400 Hz (on comm.)
(Only for frequency meas.) fN ± 30Hz (on analogue out)






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