MT418 - Programable AC-Current Transducer



MT418 Programmable AC Current Transducer


  • Measurements of RMS current, frequency, THD I and MD
  • Accuracy class 0.5 (EN 60688)
  • Input frequency range: 50/60 Hz, 400 Hz
  • RS 232/RS 485 communication up to 115,200 bit/s and USB 2.0 communication
  • MODBUS communication protocol
  • Universal power supply or transformer power supply
  • Automatic range (max. 12 A)
  • Housing for DIN rail mounting
  • User-friendly PC MiQen software


MT418 is intended for measuring and monitoring singlephase current or frequency. Current input is electrically isolated from the system by means of current transformer. It measures RMS current value by means of fast sampling of current signals, which makes instruments suitable for acquisition of transient events. A built-in microcontroller calculates measurands (current, frequency, THD U, MD) from the measured signals. Measurands (I, f) can be then converted into load independent DC current or voltage which is proportional to the RMS measured value for the purpose of regulation of analogue and/or digital devices.


The MT418 programmable AC current transducer is used for a permanent monitoring of a single-phase current and frequency values. MT418 is delivered configured to default values. Subsequent customer configuration is possible with user friendly setting software MiQen. MT418 supports standard serial RS232/485 with speed up to 115200 bps. USB 2.0 can be used for a fast set-up or memory acquisition (after installation USB connection is not possible any more). Additional USB 2.0 interface can only be used for a fast setup without need for auxiliary power supply. This interface is NOT galvanically isolated from analogue output and can be used ONLY unconnected to aux. supply and measuring inputs.

Techincal Data

Input   Output
Standard nominal input voltage (UN)

(see above)

Measuring range limit values

0 ... 50 V to 0 ... 500 V

Overload capacity:

acc. to EN 60688

Max. measured value (cont.) 1,2 × UN 
Max. allowed value 2 × UN ; 1 s, 10 times, 10s interval
Nominal frequency (fN) 50, 60 Hz
Measuring frequency range fN ± 10%
Consumption < 2 VA



Analogue output is fully programmable and can be set to any of 6 hardware ranges, 4 current and 2 voltage, without opening an instrument. They all use the same output terminals.


Programmable DC current output:

Output range 0 … 100%

0 … 1 mA,
0 … 5 mA,
0 … 10 mA,
0 … 20 mA

other ranges possible


Range 1
Range 2
Range 3
Range 4

by MiQen software

Burden voltage:  10 V
External resistance: RB max =10 V / IoutN


Programmable DC voltage output:

Outputrange 0 … 100%

0 … 1 V
0 … 10 V

other ranges possible


Range 5
Range 6

by MiQen software

max. burden current:  20 mA
min. external resistance: RB min =Uout / 10mA






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