LMT 96x192H-32



Message panel for optical message. The respective LED directly indicates the status of the input signal. The device has a common alarm output and a lamp test input. A lamp test button is integrated.

Technical data

Type LMT
Standard auxiliary voltage 24V AC/DC 230V AC/DC
Power consumption 1W 5VA
Signal voltage 24V AC/DC 230V AC
Input current (per channel) approx. 5mA approx. 2mA
Capacity "SM" 0,1A*) 1A*)
LED size 3 mm / 5 m

Terminal description

Input "1-32"

Signal inputs

Input "N" common earth terminal
Input "LP" Lamp test input
Output "SM" potential-bound common alarm output*)
Input "L" Auxiliary voltage input

*) Please note:

Common signal output "SM":
The required output current must be provided by the active signal inputs. With AC voltage signals, only the positive half-wave is output. Inductive loads, such as contactor relays, must be connected with suitable RC combinations to avoid overvoltages.

Order example

LMT 96x192H-32.4 5 mm for 24V AC/DC


List K3


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