Type "HH" - High Performance Fan Heater

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  • Protective grille also on the heater

  • Horizontal and vertical use

  • The unit has an overheating thermostat which cuts off the power supply to the heater if the surface temperature is too high

  • Axial fan (ball bearing), throughput approx. 160 m/h

  • 4-pin Phoenix plug


Large temperature fluctuations can lead to condensation in switch cabinets and thus to corrosion problems and malfunctions. The use of control cabinet heaters minimises temperature fluctuations and counteracts condensation.
Heating power 125 - 500 W

Technical Data

Thermostat variants

Overheating thermostat: max. surface temperature approx. 80°C


until 400W ca. 1,1 kg
630W=1,3 kg
1000W=1,5 kg

Protection class

IP 20


Plug connection


DIN Rail EN 60715


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