Thermostat and Hygrostat Combination "HY/TH-H Combi"

Hauptbild - Thermostat and Hygrostat Combination
HY-TH-H circuit diagram - Thermostat and Hygrostat Combination
HY-TH-H dimensions - Thermostat and Hygrostat Combination


Hygrostat-Thermostat Combination includes: 1 hygrostat + 1 thermostat normally closed. The unit can also be equipped with thermostat "normally open" on request

Technical Data

Setting range

Hygrostat: 10…80% rh - Response time: 15 min

Thermostat: 0…60° C

Dimensions (W x H x D)

68 x 95 x 45 mm


Hygrostat: 5%

Thermostat: 7 K +/- 4 K


DIN Rail EN 60715


 ca. 190 g

Technical Data

Area of application

10…90 % rh, 10...40° C without condensation

Protection class

IP 20


Terminal 3 pole 0,2 - 4 mm², tightening torque: 0,6 - 0,8 Nm

Switching current

120 V AC: 10A

240 V AC: 5A

DC: 30 VA


Hygrostat: normally open

Thermostat: normally closed

or according to customer request

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