MT 418 - Programmable AC current transducer

Hauptbild - MT 418 - Programmable AC current transducer
  • Measurements of rms current, frequency, distortion factor and maximum values

  • Accuracy class 0.5 (EN 60688)

  • Input frequency ranges: 50/60 Hz, 400 Hz

  • RS232/RS485 interface (optional) with up to 115200 bit/s and USB 2.0 interface

  • MODBUS protocol

  • Auxiliary power supply via internal transformer or universal AC/DC module

  • Automatic range selection (max. 12 A)

  • Housing for DIN rail mounting

  • User-friendly MiQen software


The MT418 is intended for measuring and monitoring single-phase currents and frequencies. The current input is electrically isolated from the system by the use of a current transformer. Fast sampling of current signals determines the RMS value and enables the detection of fast transients. A built-in microcontroller system calculates the measured values (current, frequency, THD, maximum value) from the measured signals. The measured values can then be converted into a load-independent DC current or voltage, which are proportional to the input variable and can be used for control purposes with analog and/or digital devices.

Technical Data


Current measurement

Nominal frequency range

50/60, 400 Hz

Nominal values IN

1, 5, 10 A

Nominal current IN

5 A

Max. value

12,5 A sinusoidal

Max. permissible (thermal) limit value

15 A permanent
20 × IN; 5 × 1s


< I2 × 0.01Ohm per phase


Frequency measuring range
(only for frequency measurements)

16 ... 400 Hz


The analogue output is fully programmable and can be set to one of the 6 ranges (4 current and 2 voltage ranges) without opening the unit.

Programmable DC current output

Programmable DC current output:
Output ranges 0 ... 100%

0 ... 1 mA

Range 1

0 ... 5 mA

Range 2

0 ... 10 mA

Range 3

0/4 ... 20 mA

Bereich 4

Other ranges

via MiQen software

Max. voltage level

10 V

Maximum load resistance

RB max =10 V / IoutN

Programmable DC voltage output

Output ranges 0 ... 100%

0 ... 1 V

Range 1

0 ... 10 V

Range 2

Other ranges

via MiQen software

Max. load current

20 mA

Min. load resistance

RBmin= UoutN / 10 mA

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