MC 750/760 - Power Recorder / Power Analyser

Hauptbild - MC 750/760 - Power Recorder / Power Analyser
 - MC 750/760 - Power Recorder / Power Analyser
  • Power quality analysis according to SIST EN 50160 (MC760 only)

  • Measurement of the instantaneous values of over 140 measured variables (U, I, P, Q, S, PF, PA, f, φ, THD, MD, energy consumption, energy costs by tariff, etc.)

  • Accuracy class 0.5 (0.2 optional)

  • Analysis of phase, phase-to-phase voltages and currents up to the 63rd harmonic (MC760 only)

  • Recording of up to 32 measured variables and 32 alarms in the internal memory (8 MB FlashROM MC760, 4 MB FlashROM MC750)

  • Measurement of 40 minimum and maximum values in different time periods

  • 32 adjustable alarms

  • Frequency range from 16 Hz to 400 Hz

  • Serial RS232, RS485 or Ethernet interface

  • MODBUS and DNP3 communication protocol

  • MMC/SD card for storage of measurement data, unit settings and firmware upgrades

  • Up to 4 inputs or outputs (analogue, pulse, etc.)

  • Additional serial interface (COM 2)

  • Universal AC/DC or AC auxiliary power supply with automatic range detection


The MC 760 is used for measuring, analysing and monitoring electrical quantities in single-phase or three-phase networks. The measurement is carried out by a quick query of the effective values of current and voltage. The built-in microprocessor then calculates the resulting quantities (voltage, current, frequency, energy, power, power factor, distortion factor, phase angle, etc.) from the previously measured values. The power analyser is designed for continuous analysis of the power quality according to the SIST EN 50160 standard. The internal memory is used for data recording for a period of three years. More than 100,000 measurement deviations from the standard values are also stored, which makes it possible to detect possible causes of network disturbances.


MC 750 Power Recorder
MC 760 Power Analyzer

Technical Data

For each of the following monitored measurands, any limit and quality values can be set for a specific time period.

  • Frequency deviations
  • Voltage deviations
  • Voltage dips
  • Voltage interruptions
  • Voltage fluctuations
  • Overvoltages
  • Flicker strength
  • Distortion factor (THD)
  • Harmonics


Input signals Current Voltage
Nominal frequency 50, 60 Hz 
Frequency measuring range 16-400 Hz 
Nominal value (In, Un) 5 A 500 VL-N
Maximum value 12,5 A 750 VL-N
consumption < 0.1 VA < 0.1 VA

Auxiliary Voltage

Auxiliary voltage Universal AC
Rated voltage AC 48-230 V 57.7 & 63.5 / 100 & 110 / 230 / 400 / 500 V
Nominal frequency 40-65 Hz 40-65 Hz
Nominal voltage DC 20-300 V -
Consumption < 5 VA < 7 VA


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