EQDd - Double Voltmeter

Hauptbild - EQDd - Double Voltmeter
Austausch der Skala bei Schalttafeleinbaugeräten und Messgeräten zur Hutschienenmontage - EQDd - Double Voltmeter
  • AC current and voltage measurement

  • Synchronisation of two grids

  • Good readability

  • High vibration and impact resistance

  • Terminal cover according to VGB 04 (option)


The moving-iron instrument EQDd is used to measure two AC voltages and is used for synchronisation. The built-in moving-iron movements determine the rms values of the AC voltages in a frequency range from 15 to 100 Hz. The measuring range can be selected between the nominal voltages of 100 to 600 V.


EQDd 96 96 x 96 mm for panel mounting
EQDd 144 144 x 144 mm for panel mounting

Technical Data

Voltage Ranges

Measuring ranges

2x 100 V
2x 110 V
2x 120 V
2x 130 V
2x 150 V
2x 250 V
2x 400 V
2x 500 V
2x 600 V

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