BQ - Bimetall Maximum Current Meter

Hauptbild - BQ - Bimetall Maximum Current Meter
BQ 48 - Bimetall-Maximum-Strommesser für Hutschienenmontage - BQ - Bimetall Maximum Current Meter
Austausch der Skala bei Schalttafeleinbaugeräten und Messgeräten zur Hutschienenmontage - BQ - Bimetall Maximum Current Meter
  • Bimetall-Maximum-Strommesser

  • Für x/1A oder x/5A Stromwandler

  • Gute Ablesbarkeit

  • Wechselskala

  • Hohe Rüttel- und Stoßfestigkeit

  • Klemmenabdeckung nach VGB 04 (Option)


The bimetallic instruments are intended especially for thermal monitoring of transformers, cables, etc. due to their slow reaction to current changes. They indicate mean r.m.s. current value during the measuring period of the instrument. The instrument does not react to short current pulses, essentially. Maximum mean value in a response time period is indicated by the red slave pointer. The latter can be reset or set to zero by means of a knob which can be sealed.


BQ 48 48 x 48 mm für Schalttafeleinbau
BQ 45 45 mm für Hutschienenmontage
BQ 72 72 x 72 mm für den Schalttafeleinbau
BQ 96 96 x 96 mm für den Schalttafeleinbau
BQ 144 144 x 144 mm für den Schalttafeleinbau

Mechanical Design

The system of the bimetal current meter consists of two bimetal spirals that are installed to work mutually. One bimetal spiral works current-driven, the other bimetal spiral compensates mutually working the ambient temperature, which can vary from -25 °C to +55 °C. A black pointer is coupled to this measuring system, which drags along a red pointer. This red pointer remains at the respective maximum value reached. Bimetallic ammeters are thermally inert and display the mean effective value.

Technical Data

Technical Data

Accuracy class

1.5 (according EN 60 051)


Polycarbonate self-extinguishing, according to UL 94 V-0

Protection class

Housing IP 52
Terminals IP 00 (IP 20 for size 45)
according to 60529: 1989

Mounting position

vertical ± 5°

Environmental Conditions

Climate class

2 according to VDE/VDI 3540


Reference range +18 ... +28°C
Working range -25 ... +55°C
Storage -40 ... +70°C

Relative humidity

≤ 80 % (without condensation)

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