FLM 48 6.2 5mm 24V AC/DC

Meldetableau FLM 48 6.2 5mm 24V AC/DC
Dimensionen FLM 48 6.2 5mm 24V AC/DC
Klemmen FLM 48 6.2 5mm 24V AC/DC


FLM Indicator panel for optical signalling. The respective LED directly indicates the status of the input signal. The unit has a collective alarm output and a lamp test input. The FLM version has transparent pockets instead of a formica plate (LM) into which labelling texts can be inserted.
Model FLM 48 6.2 5mm 24V AC/DC
Part Number 900300632
Housing Size 48
Number of Notifications 6
Layout 2
Front Panel Transparent Pocket
Operating Signals no
Profibus no

Technical data

Standard Supply Voltage
Power Consumption
Input Current per Channel
ca. 5mA
Contact Rating "SM"
LED Size

Terminal Description

Input "1-X"
Signal inputs
Input "N"
Common ground terminal
Input "LP"
Lampt test input
Output "SM"
Non-isolated collective output*)
*) Please note:
Collective signal output SM:The required output current must be provided by the active signal inputs. With AC voltage signals, only the positive half-wave is output. Inductive loads, such as auxiliary contactors, must be wired with suitable RC combinations to avoid overvoltages.

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