LED-Annunciators for Panel Mounting

Hauptbild - LED-Annunciators for Panel Mounting


LED annunciator panels display the status of the respective input signal and have engraving fields or labelling pockets for designating the signals. Depending on the type, they have a collective signalling output, operating and fault messages, integrated lamp test button, potential-free outputs for optical/acoustic detectors, Profibus input, normally closed operation, as well as intelligent functions via microcontroller such as first value/new value, last value signalling, switchable operating current/quiescent current principle and signal memory.
Housing Sizes 48 x 48 mm, 72 x 72, 96 x 96 mm, 144 x 144 mm, 144 x 72, 96 x 192 mm
Channel Quantity 2 to 36


To easily select the right signalling panel, please use our LED signalling panel blue finder.


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