PTW 816 1000/5A 10VA Kl.0,5

Wandler PTW 816  1000/5A  10VA    Kl.0,5
Frontview PTW 816  1000/5A  10VA    Kl.0,5
Sideview PTW 816  1000/5A  10VA    Kl.0,5


PTW Split-core current transformer, for primary nominal currents from 100 A to 5000 A, secondary nominal current 5 A or 1 A, in classes 0.5 and 1, with divisible measuring system. These allow simple retro-fitting in existing systems, with no additional installation effort. The locking mechanism on the transformer is opened for the installation process, routed around the primary conductor, and then re-engages audibly. Once the secondary conductors have been connected, the measuring arrangement is immediately ready for use.
Model PTW 816 1000/5A 10VA Kl.0,5
Part number 80110
Class 0,5
VA 10
Category Split-core current transformers
Prim. Current 1000
Sec. Current 5

Technical data

Therm. Nominal Continuous Current Icth
1,0 x IN
Therm. Nominal Short-Time Current Ith
60 x IN, 1 Sek.
Max. Operating Voltage Um
0,72 kV
Insulation Test Voltage
3 kV, Ueff, 50 Hz, 1 Min.
Nominal Frequency
50 Hz
Insolation Class
Bus Bar 1
80 x 160 mm
Round Conductor
80 mm
195 mm
243 mm
79 mm

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