EMU Professional



The EMU Professional is a multifunctional energy meter with a slim design of only 90 mm (5HP) and outstanding flexibility and accuracy. Via direct or current transformer connection it helps to analyze and monitor a wide range of parameters in the most demanding applications in residential, commercial or industrial environments. It combines different functions of a multimeter and a power and energy meter. The TCP/IP module allows you to view all parameters via a password-protected website. Or even simpler: If defined measured values are exceeded or undercut, the module sends you an e-mail or SMS. The EMU Professional is manufactured in accuracy class B (+/-1 %), class C (+/-0.5 %) is available on customer request.


  • Peak Load Optimization
  • Maximum Guard
  • Energy direction contact
  • For billing purposes with MiD B + D approval ex works
  • Certified for PV systems
  • Multiple programmable (subsequently sealable) 1 or 5 A current transformer connection for up to 20'000/5 or 4'000/1 A
  • Direct connection up to 75 A, control input for high and low tariff
  • Optional up to 4 tariffs
  • High power Opto Power MOSFET S0 pulse output, 5-400V AC or V DC, max. 90 mA
  • Graphic LC-Display (60x30 mm) with backlight
  • 8-digit display with one decimal place 0000000.0 kWh
  • Mounting on 35 mm DIN rail
  • Own consumption only 0.8W/phase
  • Accuracy class B (+/-1 %) for active energy EN50470-1, -3
  • Remote readout thanks to available M-Bus accessories (M-Bus Center). The EMU Professional TCP/IP can also be read out remotely without accessories.

4 S0 pulse outputs for active power in, active power out, reactive power in, reactive power out

Optional outputs: M-Bus, Modbus RTU, Modbus TCP, KNX, LON, LAN TCP/IP

4 S0 pulse outputs (Opto Power MOSFET, 5-400V AC or V DC, 90 mA) are available on the EMU Professional.
The pulse outputs can be reprogrammed as switches to switch a relay on or off. The pulse length and rate are configured via keys for optimal resolution.


Standard assignment S0-pulse output

  • Active energy reference
  • Active energy delivery
  • Reactive energy inductive
  • Reactive energy capacitive

An S0 pulse output for apparent energy is available on request.

Adjustable pulse rate and time

Pulse rate per kWh: 0.001, 0.01, 0.1, 1, 10, 100, 1’000 or 10’000
in milliseconds:  4 to 250 ms, adjustable in 2 ms steps


Factory configuration for energy meter for:

Direct connection:  1’000 Impulses /40 ms
Current transformer connection :  10 Impulses /120 ms

Examples of use

  • Cost center accounting
  • Load optimization
  • Performance monitoring
  • ventilation and heating systems
  • Building Management System
  • Energy Management

Displayed Values

   Sum 3-Phase
 Per Phase  Min. Value  Max. Value per Tariff
Active Energy Import (kWh)          
Active Energy Exprot (kWh)          
Reactive Energy inductive (kvarh)          
Reactive Energy capacitive (kvarh)           
Active Power (kW)          
Reactive Power (kvar)          
Apparent Power (kVA)          
Current (A)          
Voltage (V) L-N          
Voltage (V) L-L          
Powerfactor (Cos Phi)          
Frequency (Hz)          
Number of power outages
Instantaneous x Min. Maximum (kW)*          
x Min. effective power maximum




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