PQFe (KPQFe) - Pointer Frequency Meter

Zeigerfrequenzmesser PQFe und KPQFeZeigerfrequenzmesser PQFe und KPQFe
Zeigerfrequenzmesser PQFe und KPQFe
Austausch der Skala - Dial Exchange


  • low consumption
  • Microprocessor’s frequency measuring method
  • Power supply from measuring circuit
  • Exchangeable dial
  • Protective cover for terminals (optional)


Pointer frequency meter is designed for measurement of mains voltage frequency within five different measuring ranges (45-55 Hz, 48-52 Hz, 45-65 Hz, etc). Dial has to be exchanged, when the measuring range is changed. Meter consists of: power supply unit, measuring unit with microprocessor and instrument with moving coil. The meter is powered through measuring terminals. One of the following voltage ranges can be used: from 57V to 110V, 230V, 400V, 500V. Voltage range is factory preset according to customer order.

PQFe 45 PQFe 48 PQFe 72 PQFe 96 PQFe 144 PQFe45 PQFe48 PQFe72 PQFe96 PQFe144 KPQFe 45 KPQFe 48 KPQFe 72 KPQFe 96 KPQFe 144 KPQFe45 KPQFe48 KPQFe72 KPQFe96 KPQFe144


en-List-7-Analogue-Panel-Meters.pdf (Page 13)


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