KPQg - Moving Coil Instruments with Rectifier

Austausch der Skala - Dial Exchange
Beispielskalen / Sample Dials KPQ 96...144
KPQ 72 Sonderkala / Special Dial


  • For measurement of AC currents and voltages
  • Linear scale: PQg 90°, KPQg 240° (execpt voltmeters ≤ 10V)
  • Exchangeable dial
  • higher resistance to mechanical vibrations (optional)
  • Protective cover for terminals (optional)
  • DIN-rail version availiable


These instruments are designed for mounting into supervision panels of power distribution or transformer stations where AC current and voltage measuring instrument is required. The meters measure the arithmetical average of the alternating current, respectively voltage, within a frequency range of 40 to 5000 Hz. The scale shows the RMS value of the sinusoidal measurement. Distortion of the sine wave vauses errors in the measurement.

KPQg 45 KPQg 48 KPQg 72 KPQg 96 KPQg 144 KPQg45 KPQg48 KPQg72 KPQg96 KPQg144


en-List-7-Analogue-Panel-Meters.pdf (Page 10)

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