[EQ/PQ/PQF]Ce - Meters with limit contact



  • Two integrated relais contacts (Min/Min, Min/Max, Max/Max)
  • Limit adjustment via potentiometers on the rear
  • Sealable terminal cover


The instrument is equipped with two built-in relays with change-over contacts, which enable supervising of limit values. The switching points of the relays can be adjusted in the range 0…100% of maximum value by potentiometers on the backside. Two additional potentiometers enable a delay function for every relay in the range of 0,5…30s. Reached limit values are indicated for each relay by red LED’s.
In standard configuration contact I has the function of a minimum contact, contact II has the function of a maximum contact.
Optionally two minimum contacts or two maximum contacts are available.


en-List-7-Analogue-Panel-Meters.pdf    (Page 11)


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